Random Joke

Frank had bought a brand-new Mercedes, and decided, since it was weekend anyway, to try it on the highway. As he pumped the speed up, he saw red and blue flashes behind him. The cop gestured to stop, but Frank thought: "he can't catch my new Merc." So he stood on it. After several miles going 110 mph he realized he wouldn't shake the cop, so he pulled over.
The cop got out of the car, walked towards Frank and Frank handed him his license.
The cop examined it, the car, and Frank. "Look pal, it's been a long week, I was just about to go home, it's friday the 13th, and I'm not up for more paperwork. I'll tell you what: if you can give me a brand new excuse, one I haven't heard before in my entire life, I'll let you off with a warning."
Frank thinks deeply. "Well officer, my wife run away with a cop the other week. I feared you were about to give her back."
"Have a nice weekend," the officer smiled.